Cashew in shell

Packaging:          80 kg jute bags
Origin:                 Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo

Guinea Bissau is known to have the best quality cashew nuts from West-Africa. Especially the first crop that is harvested around the month of April is having an exceptional high out turn.

Regions such as Oio, Cacheu & Quinara are known for this quality.
The country produces annually around 200.000 ton.

The nuts are dried on concrete or canopies to bring the moisture level down from about 11% to 8%. This along with proper storage in rows that allows aeriation makes sure the quality remains excellent until the time transport takes place.
June and July are usually the most busy export months. With August being a real challenge for loading and unloading as it is the most wet month of the year with an average of 680 mm rainfall.

Olakila cares about traceability. Each lot that leaves its warehouse gets an outtake code and is linked to lots that have been stored under an intake code. This reflects the origin and producer from where the cashew came from.

Benin is known to have the lowest nut count from West-Africa. The nut count refers to the number of nuts one can count per one kilo. How lower it is, how bigger the nuts are. For Benin’s first crop this is usually around 160 to 170 nuts per kilo. Compared to Bissau where it is 215 per kilo this is definitely an advantage for this origin. The colour of the kernels upon shelling is also appreciated by factories.

In March the first trucks start arriving in Cotonou, carrying approx. 450 bags each. The nuts are then removed from the bags and spread on the concrete or tarpaulin for drying in the sun. Each lot is being dried separately. For traceability purposes mixtures do not take place.

The main producing regions are Collines, Donga, Zou, Atacora, Borgou.

Major export takes place in April/May.

Ivory Coast is the world’s biggest producer of cashew nuts with an annual production of +/- 800.000 ton.
Especially the kernel market is more developed than neighbouring West-African economies, thanks to the support from the government in subsidizing the local industries. Every year an event is organized showcasing the latest equipment and technologies to further boost this blooming sector.

Togo despite being one of the smallest countries in West-Africa tripled its cashew productivity during the last three years.
The main producing regions are Centrale and Kara.

Lomé port serves as a strategic logistics hub for the landlocked country Burkina Faso.

Cashew kernel

Packaging:          11,34 kg transparent vacuum pouch
per two in double corrugated cardboard (22,68 kg)
40 boxes per industry pallet of 1000 x 1200 mm
700 boxes per 20 FT container

Origin:                 Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo

Grades:               W240, W320, W450

Roasted cashew kernel

Packaging:         – 200 gram stand-up pouches
packed per 24 in shelf-ready cardboard of 4,8 kg.

–  50 gram flat pouches
packed per 100 in cardboard of 5 kg.

Flavours:            natural